More Traditional Materials For Leather White

Most women crave white skin and shining. Even some who spend a lot of expenses to take care of her skin whiter skin, toned, and shine can be realized.

However, despite spending a lot of money, sometimes whites have not gotten desired. If you have a similar desire and get the same complaint, try some of the tips below to whiten skin naturally using traditional materials.

A mixture of lemon and egg white

The high protein content of egg whites proved beneficial to tighten and moisturize the skin. While in the womb there are lemons hidroxy Alpha Acid (AHA) that can help exfoliate dead skin cells. So the mixture of the two materials can give the skin a bright, fresh, and also white.

How do whitening skin with a mixture of lemon and egg white is quite easy. Prepare the egg white and lemon juice with the same dose and mix until evenly distributed. Before use, heat the mixture until it forms a semi-solid. Wait for the mixture to cool, then smeared all over the body. To be more evenly, use the help of a brush when splash. Wait for 15 minutes and rinse again with water.


Many women are aware of the benefits provided by Jicama. It’s just not a few who claim to lazy to use the fruit to whiten skin. In fact, 86-90 percent of the water content contained in Jicama has the effect to moisturize the skin. Thus, Jicama suitable as a natural ingredient for bleaching, toning, and moisturizing your skin.

To whiten skin with jicama, peel and wash it one Jicama fruit, and grated until smooth. After that, the paste evenly on the surface of the face or body. Let stand until dry, about 40 minutes, then rinse thoroughly. Do this treatment 2-3 times a week.


In addition to the tasty flesh used as juice or eaten directly, avocado was also beneficial for skin whitening. Contains rich in vitamin E, avocado is great for use as a whitening and skin tightening. To apply, just rub the inside of the avocado skin on the entire body. Wait for 15 minutes, then rinse with water.

It turned out to get a beautiful skin and white does not always have to spend a lot of money. Good luck!

Breast slapping, New Ways to Please Breast

Women who want to enlarge the breasts, but do not want to undergo an expensive operation might try a new way of being popular in Thailand.

As reported by the Bangkok Post, a technique called breast slapping or body slapping this claims can enlarge breasts through non-surgical means.

The technique is by squeezing, massaging, and beat the breast to make it bigger. Not only that, this technique is also done to tighten her buttocks slapped repeatedly manner.

The owner of this business, Khunying Tobnom, has done engineering ‘body slapping’ for two years. He claimed that by punching and slapping breasts, she can move fat into the desired area. In addition, breast squeezing can also provide excess fat on the breast.

As quoted olehTimes of India, Tobnom has obtained a license from the government of Thailand to run a practice. This is because of a report of a study that claimed that traditional techniques do Tobnom proven to make your breasts look bigger.

The government even help support a program dedicated to teaching women how to slap their own breasts.

According Tobnom. clients who come to get additional breast circumference size up to 5 cm after treatment is actually quite painful. But there are also some patients who returned with disappointment because their breasts are too small.

To get this therapy, the client must spend U.S. $ 380  for a 10 minute treatment.

You are interested to enlarge the breasts in this way? Please book airline tickets and headed for Bangkok.

Views From the Hemisphere Hair Personality

Parting was Able showing various Things about your personality. If your hair looks like a rat’s nest, it means you’ve just had a bad night or just doing a wild party and lost track of time. In addition to hair style, most can show personality. Here comes the parting relationship with personality as quoted from The Stir.

1. Parting in the middle

When equated with the zodiac, then you like Libra. Balanced and fair, sociable, and easily resented by many people. You love to use a long time to think, and it annoys Often people await your decision. People with hair parts in the middle are also known Easily miss an opportunity Because of too much thinking. So the next time there is a chance, make decisions faster.

2. Parts of the hair on the left

You are a logical and rarely in doubt. You can always find a good reason for all the problems. Ability to solve problems logically also make you look smart. With your dominant logical side also Easily solve the problem calmly and fairly. You are always organized in every regard. But sometimes you also look loner.

3. Parting on the right

You are the one that emphasizes the feelings, concerns, and easily engaging in a personal, even on Things that does not concern you. If you believe something, you will struggle to defend. It makes you be seen as a loyal friend and partner. However, sometimes your mind also wandered everywhere. This is great if it could be restricted and channeled through action. However, a disadvantage if only end up spending your time to daydream.

4. No partings

For people who do not have parts of hair, there is only one explanation, you have a Rebellious spirit.

What about the parts of your hair? Please matched.

Recognize the Early Aging Face

Each woman must be very concerned about the appearance, especially on the skin. For maximum performance, many of those who use anti-aging creams to prevent premature aging. As quoted from, premature aging is the process of skin aging faster than it should.

It is inevitable that as we age the skin also must be aging. However, in premature aging, skin will age prematurely. For example, the appearance of wrinkles in some parts of the face, black spots, or the appearance of fine lines.

Premature aging is caused by various factors, both internal factors, such as there is a breakdown in the body, lack of nutrition, and so forth, and external factors, such as are often exposed to the sun without skin protection, the cigarette smoke, and so forth.

Consider some signs below to see if your skin aging too early or not.

Concealer or foundation at any time
The first sign is often found in the majority of women is you never go out without wearing concealer or foundation. You know that the skin needs to be closed and corrected with foundation or concealer, and this happens every day. If no two cosmetic products, then confidence would be reduced, and even make you reluctant to come out.

Moisturizing is effective only a few hours
If your skin feels dry after they were put on moisturizer, then chances are less effective moisturizer. However, if you are sure of moisturizer is used, then the problem is your skin. When premature skin aging, the humidity will be reduced drastically. The skin becomes dry and chewy visible.

Fear smiling in front of the camera
As she took photographs with friends, you’ll choose to hide behind and keep smiling. Why? Because you know when the smile, the lines on the upper lip will be very visible.

Skin from wrinkles
If the amount of collagen in the skin decreases, the skin will begin to wrinkle. Generally it is very visible on the neck. Try to check your neck, there may be a section that looks wrinkled skin there.

There are wrinkles under the eyes
In general, under eye wrinkles appear gradually with age. If it’s been a lot of wrinkles under the eyes, it is also one of the signs of premature aging.

To overcome the premature aging of your skin, the first way is diligent exercise, because exercise has been proven to stimulate metabolism and improve blood circulation so that nutrients can be distributed more evenly. The second is to wear protective skin, such as moisturizers and sunblock, especially when on the move in the sun.

Next is adequate nutrients and vitamins needed by the body and skin. Also do not forget to diligently drinking enough water each day and avoid the habit of smoking to skin and body healthy.