Causes of Damaged Hair

Maybe you’ve wondered why hair becomes damaged after they were doing maintenance. Branched hairs, dandruff, or loss, must be caused by something else. Therefore, you should find out in advance the cause in order to take the proper solution.

Healthy hair also depends on how you do the treatments, including styling or a way of structuring. According Paradi Mirmirani, MD, staff dermatologist at the Permanente Medical Group in Vallejo, California, if your hair is damaged cuticle overstyling, then the affected part can cause dryness, not shiny, and stiff.

For that, you should listen to some of the causes of hair damage in order to avoid things that can damage women’s crown, as reported by WebMD.

Described by Mirmirani, perform hair bleaching or bleaching that contain chemicals that can eliminate the natural pigment in the hair. Using bleaching medications can also alter the structure of hair into Kusan and more susceptible to damage. So, consider again when you want to dye your hair using bleaching.

Perming hair
One trigger is perming hair becomes damaged hair. Perming can make hair dull, brittle, and dry. Therefore, in order to avoid curling your hair’s health is maintained.

Highlights and coloring
Many women who want to look stylish with their hair highlights. Although the highlight was coloring while, but has risks that could alter the structure of hair. Staining like this can result in your appearance become lethargic and not neglected, especially if you frequent hair coloring to hide gray hair or damaged hair.

Vise and blow
The heat can cause temporary damage, because the hydrogen protects hair changes. Over time, the damage will be permanent while if you always do blow hair before the move.

Often tie and hair braiding
Mirmirani also said, often tying and braiding hair can damage resistance, especially when applied daily. Not to mention if you are tying or braiding hair when wet, it can cause damage quickly because wet hair is easier fragile.

Scrubbing excessively
Do not rub excessively if you do not want your hair to be brittle and fall out. Also, wash your hair with harsh and abrasive techniques can also make hair become tangled and irregular.

Many women who do hair extensions or connect them to become long. Almost the same as tying and braiding, hair extension be easily fragile. In fact, hair can become more serious problem when using extension methods in a long time.

To cope with damaged hair, Mirmirani encourage you to start reducing styling, so hair can return to normal conditions and cutting the hair tip branching in order to grow healthy new hair.