Sense Hate Against Negative Affect Brain

Without realizing it, we maintain a sense of resentment until one day it sprouted into revenge. Besides causing discomfort, in fact, according to the researchers, as quoted from dailymail, being around people that we hate it too can affect brain health.

Researchers from the University of Southern California, said that hanging out or close to someone who sucks or we do not like, it will eventually affect the brain.

Why is that? During our busy observe the behavior of others, such as moving and others, will ultimately lead to a reflection effect on the brain, in other words, the brain will record it. Similarly, as explained researchers. But hatred makes the process of reflection was slightly inaccurate. For example, you would think the guy was moving slower than what is actually done.

Various previous studies have also mentioned that the physical similarity effect on the brain. In addition, people also tend to empathize with others who are similar to them.

To investigate this theory, researchers recruited men who were divided into two groups. First, the man who was introduced as a person a little annoying. Then the other is a likeable regular guy because his mind is open.

When the man noticed the unwelcome, part of their brain that activate the system of ‘reflection’ has a different pattern on the activities undertaken. However, the difference is only when the person in front of them sucks.

Mona Sobhani, chief author of the study stated, fundamental things about how we process visual stimuli of the movement was influenced by social factors. “For example, our personal relationship with our position as a member of a social group. This study shows it is important that social factors influence our perception of the process, “he added.

In order for the body and brain are always healthy, not hurt us to start the day by learning to respect each other and forgive.