Creating Beautiful Looks Eyes Wide

For some women, having large eyes that sometimes less is its own impediment to look elegant and attractive. However, you do not have to worry about it. Because, with the stroke of a chic makeup and simple was able to give the impression of larger eyes. As quoted from Healthyandbeloved, there are tips you can give the eyes seem larger.

Playing eyelashes look

Effects curls lashes will indirectly create an impression big eyes. Perform curling lashes before using mascara. If you forgot to use mascara first, make sure the mascara is subjected to dry before curling lashes. Re doing curls every morning to get the impression that large eyes can seem permanent.

Mascara on lower lashes
Many people who claim to not have to use mascara on the bottom lashes. In fact, giving a sweep of mascara on the bottom lashes will give the impression of big eyes. In order not to give the effect of a mess on the bottom lashes, the trick is to sweep mascara on the top lashes first, then the rest is added to the bottom lashes without mascara brush to re dye content of the liquid in the bottle.

Brush mascara brush to a vertical position and performed repeatedly in order to give the right impression of big eyes.

False eyelashes for evening party

When the invitation party tonight, do not worry to perform at a party with makeup can accentuate the eyes. Just use false eyelashes that are sold in pharmacies or beauty counter. Of course, before using it as a party, do not forget to learn to use false eyelashes with the help of those who are already accustomed to.

Use brightly colored eyeliner
Using eye liner with bright colors, like white, can make the appearance of the eyes to appear larger. How, brush eyeliner pencil on the bottom corner of the eye. Make sure you use a soft eyeliner pencil to reduce irritation to the eyes.


Eyeshadow with bright colors can also give the impression of big eyes. If you do not like the white color, you can replace it with a brighter color. Use eyeshadow as usual, and then give small dots along with a highlighter below the brow line. Mixed colors are created between the eyeshadow and the tiny dots that will give effect to the eyes look great.

Shaping eyebrows
To give the effect of larger eyes, you can also shape eyebrows and tidy. Eyebrows along the lines that the eye brow bone look more presentable.

Now, you no longer need to be afraid to be perfect as long as know the tricks to make the eyes look perfect.

Clothing Is Right For Big Hip

A bit short do you have about your body shape should not be something that makes you insecure. For those of you who have a little too much size in the area of ​​large hips down, following fashion tips can be the best information for you.

Subordinates the right is a must. Large hips and buttocks should always be handled by wearing pants or skirts that are designed wide at the bottom, or often called the A-line. Do not be tempted to use skinny jeans or straight pipe jeans model because it will further clarify the shape of your hips.

Stretch material is Not the Right Choice

This is because the material will stretch your hips  increasingly clear that large.

– Belt would be helpful

When you wear a dress or other waterway, added a thin belt that will focus attention to the waist area. In addition, the belt can also clarify your curves and give the impression of more slender.

– Loose Tops Better

When you wear high waist subordinate to the model, then the loose tops are the most appropriate to combine them in order to shape your body look more proportional.

– Color Dark Still Be Dependable

Bottoms dark will surely disguise your big hip. This has been proven by many people.

So, look fashionable and perfect not only for their perfect stature. You can also perform perfectly despite having little short right as long as you choose the model and type of clothing that you will wear

Overcome Acne With Honey

Pretty face with clean skin and manicured always a dream of every person. Because indirectly, someone will direct another person’s face when they wanted to meet or start a conversation. Not meant to be perfect like a princess in a fairy tale, but healthy skin is important in the appearance of perfection.

Acne has always been a serious problem in the face. If you have a lot of acne or acne scars on the face, of course you will try everything to make acne and scars soon disappear from the face. No need to use cosmetic products made from chemicals, because nature has provided the best remedy to cure acne and skin beauty care.

You can clean the skin holistically using natural products and eating healthy foods. One of the products of nature that can be used to treat facial acne as well as enhance and tighten facial skin is honey.

In addition to consumption favors, honey can also be used as a face mask to get rid of acne, acne scars, and reduces redness and irritation caused by acne. In the honey contains natural healing properties consisting of enzymes, antioxidants, and anti-bacterial properties that can help in cleaning the skin.

In addition, honey is an excellent natural moisturizer. Honey can also reduce excess oil on the skin. Face mask made of honey is very good for people who have sensitive skin. With honey 2-3 times a week as a face mask, not only can reduce acne and scars, but also will make the facial skin becomes radiant.

To realize this method, check out tips using honey as a face mask following to get rid of acne and scars on the face.

You can use a bandana to prevent hair flying into the face area before using the face mask of honey.
Remove all make-up is still attached and wash your face with a mild soap and warm water.
Pour one tablespoon of pure raw honey into a small bowl. You can also warm the honey in the microwave for 10 seconds prior to rub it on your face.
Apply honey to use applicator or fingers that have previously been cleared. Apply honey with a thick layer all over the face area, then let the honey attached to the face for 15 minutes to 1 hour.
To clean the honey mask, apply a small towel that has been dampened with warm water to the face. Repeat this process until all the honey is completely clean off your face.
For maximum results, you can use honey mask 2-3 times a week or as you wish. Good luck!

Enjoying Time For Pampering Yourself

The most potent drug to eliminate fatigue is relax. Nothing wrong for lazing and pampering moment. In addition to helping relieve fatigue, me time also serves to restore the stamina to move back and relieve stress. Here are some easy ways to be able to re-energize and relax on the weekends.

Listening to music

You surely know that listening to music can help soothe the soul. Choose your favorite songs, and insert it into the playlist on the phone, or music player. The most fun way to enjoy it is, listen to the songs with headphones while lying on the soft couch. According to the American Association Pshychological, listening to music alone for 10 minutes every day can help prevent the body from stress.

Choose your favorite position

Learn a style of yoga that is simple and comfortable to the body. When you’re feeling high stress, try to do this yoga position. Site of The American Academy of Family Physicians revealed that some movement or pose exercise can help lower blood pressure and restore energy. Yoga has a wide range of motion positions that can be done easily.

Read a book

Treat yourself by reading favorite books. The most appropriate book to read as an escape from stress are fiction books are fun. You just love the cheesy romance novels? Why not? Sit in a soft and comfortable sofa and enjoy the storyline in each sheet page.


To relieve stress, the streets are the most fun. Just try to choose a quiet place of recreation, where people really want to relax. The similarity of these goals will help you to be more relaxed. When tired, just sitting staring over coffee also fun.


When relaxing try to call old friends or your family. Casual chat with friends or family to relax can help relieve boredom. Chat with individual life, including the issue at hand. Anyone know can help you look at the problems that are faced in a broader perspective, and instead you get a solution.

Lower blood pressure

Stress is a natural response that occurs when a person faces a difficult condition. Not surprisingly, this will make your blood pressure rise. To normal it again try to do a little more relaxed and gentle massage on the body. Lie on a soft mattress, and put a pillow on points of the body that feels pain so that its position is higher than the body. For example, on the neck and shoulders.

Beauty Shop

It’s time to play around with all the equipment you buy cosmetics. Bottle of nail polish can be a beginning. Sweet colors of nail polish can help you to create a slightly different look than usual. You can also experiment equipment make-up that you usually only cosmetic store in boxes. Makeover your appearance. When too much trouble, you can directly go to the salon and enjoy a variety of treatments on offer there.


Soak in the tub that has been sprinkled with salt bath and aromatherapy fragrance company. Aromatherapy fragrance bath and warm water will make the body more refreshed. To be more relaxed, select the scent of lavender, eucalyptus, rose, or vanilla as your bath water mixture. Also, try to make the conditions of the room is a bit dark. For example, by replacing light bulbs with some light candles in the bathroom.

Do not Let Foot Flavorful Not Tuberose

Good performance would be supported in any part, even to the most often neglected, namely the feet. When makeup is maximal with make up and dress perfectly, it would be a shame if all of a sudden everybody away when you open the shoe. No one who is confident if any part of the body odor.

The main cause of foot odor problem is a hygiene factor. Usually you are less concerned about the cleanliness of the foot, but the impact resulting from a dirty foot will cause odor. So pay attention to your foot hygiene problems, not just perfunctory wash only, but take care as the palm of the hand hygiene.

Note also the moisture on your feet. Indonesia’s tropical weather can often result in sweaty feet, foot sweat that settles in the shoes produce a bad odor. Consider some of the following ways you can try to eliminate foot odor.

Use soap when you wash your feet
Dirt is difficult to lose because it is sticky will be lifted by using soap.

Good air circulation Shoes
If you frequently use the shoes in the activity, you should select shoes that have good air circulation to keep moisture inside the shoe.

Choose socks made of cotton
Socks of cotton or wool is the best choice, because both these materials absorb sweat better than nylon socks. Use socks when your feet are completely dry. Wearing wet socks can cause foot moist and cause odor.

Choose socks with respect to the thickness of the material and the type of materials used for these socks. If needed, so that the foot can breathe or provide air circulation in the legs, you should remove your shoes for a moment and let stand a few minutes to keep feet dry. If you have excessive sweat socks neat replace, if necessary, once a day.

Use antiperspirant foot
Antiperspirant is a kind of cosmetic that is used with the aim of narrowing the pores to reduce perspiration. Antiperspirants are typically used to overcome the odor in the armpits, but can also be used on the soles. Antiperspirant will close the channel leading to the sweat glands, to help prevent sweat reaches the skin and helps reduce odor.

Wash feet with water and baking soda
When washing the feet, add a little baking soda to soap and water. Baking soda can reduce the amount of generated foot odor, but will not reduce sweat. In addition, baking soda can also be used to wash the shoes and socks. Baking soda will help to absorb some of the unpleasant smell produced shoes and socks.

Soak the foot with mouthwash
Gargle or mouthwash can also be used to keep your feet from odor. Soak your feet in water mixed with mouthwash every day to help remove bacteria from the feet, or it could be a foot rub with a cotton swab soaked in mouthwash.

Rub the leg with cornstarch
You can sprinkle cornstarch on the feet before wearing socks. Cornstarch will help absorb sweat cause foot odor. Rub your feet with cornstarch when the foot is completely dry and do not forget the area between the toes.

Replace shoes as often as possible
Changing shoes as often as possible to help reduce odor in the feet. Try to avoid using the same pair of shoes two days in a row. Because if your shoes are wet with sweat, it can take several hours to be completely dry.

So, do not let your feet emit bad odor in order fixed maximum performance.

Selection of the Right Food Can Change the Appearance

Not only improve the appearance through makeup or clothing. Appearances can be altered by diet. Choosing healthy foods is not only useful for the health but also the supporting performances.

These factors connects healthy food with your appearance.

beautify hair

You have problems with your hair dry or dull hair? Consumption of foods containing protein. A case of beans, tofu, and tempeh, and beans and legumes because they are a great source of protein. So that’s guestrooms hair you look radiant and shiny. Add beans such as kidney beans and black beans to the soup and salad.

Get smooth skin

Sometimes dry skin is simple and easy to peel off? Or easy to damp. To keep your skin looking bright and youthful, omega-3 oils is a great secret weapon. Essential fatty acids nourish the skin and provide anti-inflammatory strong . Besides it often consumption of green vegetables and fruits.

Keeping the body healthy condition

Nobody likes to feel sluggish and weighed down. But the “good bacteria” in probiotics, found in sources such as Greek yogurt, helps to keep your digestion so you do not feel bloating . Consume fruit or fat-free yogurt. Delicacy cream low in calories and high in those healthy probiotics that will keep you coming back for more vibrant.

Manicured nails

Make sure your toes are in tip-top condition. Biotin, vitamin B, helps strengthen nails. Your fingertips will also be helped. Consumption of vegetables and fruits that contain vitamin B which will help keep your nails.

Perfect Vagina, Biggest Dream Girls

Last year, around 2,000 women perform labiaplasty (labia surgery to change the woman’s vagina). While in the past five years, the estimated number of women who undergo labiaplasty increased five-fold.

Experts believe that this number is just the tip of the iceberg, if you estimate the number of operations performed illegally.

The researchers say the growing number of women who have labiaplasty is influenced their lack of knowledge about the long-term effects of the operation.

Dr. Lih-Mei Liao, a clinical consultant at University College London Hospitals, said that women seeking labiaplasty need more time to discuss their wishes before actually doing it.

“Women who have concerns about their labia shape actually have a psychological problem. Doctors just hearing the word ‘labia’ and operate, while I listen to their concerns,” Liao said the BBC.

“It’s hard if labiaplasty be a quick solution to the problem of women. This is because the actual problem is not on their organs,” he added, as quoted by the Times of India .

Labiaplasty is often taken when the women do not feel confident with the form of their labia. Basically, there is no standard regarding the size and shape of the labia, because women have the shape and size of the labia are different. For that Liao believes that women who wish to undergo labiaplasty actually just feeling worried and insecure about themselves.

“The operation can indeed be done, but should be seen as an extreme solution to this problem,” he concluded.

Men Should Face of Health Care

Treatment of the face, skin, and body must not only be done by women alone. The men also need to pay attention to it in order to get maximum performance. In fact, the treatment is not much different from the treatment of women’s skin, but the difference is generally more oily skin man, dirty, and have pores large.

The men can do the skin care routine with ease. Simply remember an acronym simple ‘CERMoP’, namely Cleanse, Exfoliate, Repair, Moisturize, and Protect. How is its application? Consider the following explanation.

Cleaning the skin (Cleanse)

Cleanse your skin with a cleanser that is free of chemicals. Leather men are usually 15 percent more oily than women, have pores larger, and usually dirty just because of the activities outside the dusty. Be sure to wash the neck as well, and rinse thoroughly. Cleaning should be part of your daily routine everyday.

Exfoliation (Exfoliate)

Scrub very helpful in removing dead skin cells and smooth the skin’s appearance, but make sure to choose a scrub that is not so rough that can actually make the damage to your skin. Mix sugar, apple cider vinegar, and honey is a natural scrub that you can use as an alternative material to exfoliate.

Skin Repair (Repair)

Furthermore, use astringent or toner with glycolic or alpha hydroxy acids, as corrective measures that can help maintain skin elasticity and reduce pore size. Leather men generally tend to have pores larger than females.

Moisturize skin (Moisturize)
Shaving can help remove dead skin cells as well, but be sure to use a new blade regularly, and keep your skin gently using a moisturizer. In fact, shaving for men who have a tendency to oily skin is an important ingredient for a refreshing face. Very dry skin more prone to acne than skin moist.

Do not forget also your lips, which turned out to need attention as well. Try to use organic lip balm that has an SPF of at least 15 that can help moisturize and protect lips from the sun.

Skin protection measures (Protect)
The final step of the method of treatment is skin protection. Sunscreen is the best defense against damage, premature aging and melanoma, especially for men who work or spend a lot of time outdoors. You should also make sure to drink about 6 to 8 glasses of water a day, exercise regularly, take vitamin C and E, avoiding alcohol, and smoking.

Being a man does not mean you should ignore the importance of skin health. Because with good skin, the appearance will look more fresh and interesting.

Prevent Large Pores on Face Skin

Problems on the face often makes women feel disturbed in terms of looks. Although the face is free from acne, large pores, but still be a large-pore problem. Pore sometimes be a dramatic problem for women.

According to Elena Arbodela, an aesthetic in New York, the current problem of large pores already reported increased complaints. Women tend to not really care anymore about acne, because it was already know how to handle it. While the pores problem, until now still continue to find a solution.

To get the skin soft and free of large pores is certainly not easy. Actually, shrink pores virtually impossible except through the process of a certain aesthetic laser or surgery. Pores can not be reduced simply because it is formed by a network of genes and skin since birth.

Although it can not be diminished, but the pores have a chance to grow. Especially when the skin is not treated right . That skin smooth and pores are not big, check out the following steps can be done.

Step 1
Always make sure your skin is clean, it means do not let the rest of the makeup clog pores. Clean makeup on a regular basis after every move and before bed. To better clean it up, massage your face using a cleanser for 30 seconds, then remove with cotton.

Step 2
Prevent blackheads by doing facial or scrubbing gently, especially in the T-zone and chin. With a circular motion, scrub the face so that blackheads do not stay long. Blackheads will make clogged pores. If dirt accumulating, the pores would be even greater. In fact, if allowed to continue would be a pimple.

Step 3
Use clay mask that can seep into the pores and lift all the dirt left in it. Do it at least 1-2 times a week, so that dirt can be lifted to the maximum.

Step 4
Do not allow excess oil to save face. Use products that can remove the excess oil, such as cleanser, toner, moisturizer water based and oil paper. Oil will bring the old dirt in the face. When bacteria grow on the skin, or other skin problems will bother the face.

Step 5
Use special water-based products, do not select based even  oil may be able to stick longer. Based realy oil products will be more durable and not easily fade, but it can easily lead to breakouts and clogging the pores.

Do not let the enlarged pores because you do not care for the skin as well. Due to healthy skin, beautiful appearance will be the maximum.

Creative Ways to Overcome Hair Disasters

Errors frequently occur in grooming. Well as in the salon or at home. Feelings of confidence can arise because we look so strange. What to do when it happens? As reported by Shine, here are ways that are simple enough to fix hair after errors arrangement, namely:

If prolonged exposure to heat tools

First, use a shampoo and conditioner for hair after coloring moisturizer content contained therein. This formula can provide a protective material on each strand of your hair.

Then use the formula of conditioner on the hair and let sit for 30 minutes. After that, protect your hair from thermal spraying treatments fault protector every time styling your hair by using tools that generate heat. Reduce the use of these tools and still keep the hair moisture. Instead, you can use a smoothing serum.

False hair coloring
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